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Wraxall Yard sits at the heart of our Organic family farm. We are nature-friendly farmers, and are always working to improve the lives of our animals and the local wildlife. 


We manage a small herd of English Longhorn cattle, which is a heritage breed that nearly died out in post-war Britain. As farming practices intensified, more cattle were grain-fed and housed indoors, where animals without horns were much easier to handle. Thanks to the Rare Breed Survival Trust and an increasing appreciation for the benefits of extensive grazing and grass diets, English Longhorns are no longer endangered.


Cattle grazing can have huge conservation benefits, and they are particularly useful in managing our Site of Special Scientific Interest, a small area of fen where the cattle are essential for maintaining the diverse vegetation, which is habitat for some rare invertebrates.  



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We also have a flock of Poll Dorset sheep, which Nick has grown the flock from 20 or so ewes to about 500 since starting farming around 20 years ago. Caring for the sheep, and especially lambing time, has become a cherished part of family life.


Nick runs courses for people who are new to keeping sheep, or for people who just want to spend a day or two in the lambing shed for the shear pleasure.


We’ve always taken our responsibility to the environment very seriously and are now shifting our focus to make wildlife conservation and biodiversity our top priority.


We feel very lucky to live and work in such beautiful surroundings and alongside amazing wildlife including Otters, Eels and Dormice. Most recently, White Storks have taken up residence in Wraxall, which is particularly thrilling as this once-native species is being reintroduced to Britain. 

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