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Practical Lambing

A hands-on course designed for new flock owners or for people who simply want to enjoy the experience of working in a lambing shed. 


Day 1

4-6pm, evening talk and discussion

Getting your ewes in lamb

Health and condition of the ewe during pregnancy

Preparation for lambing, facilities and equipment

Labour and when/how to assist, when to call a vet

Neonate care, common problems in lamb's first 48 hours

Castration and tail docking. Necessity and method

Day 2

5am - midday, in the lambing shed

Designed for you to get maximum hands-on experience with the topics discussed the previous evening. We can't guarantee you'll deliver a lamb but it's pretty likely! You'll be closely supervised and no-one will be asked to do anything beyond what they feel comfortable with.

£195 per person. Maximum 2 people.

Dates for 2023

Tuesday 29th - Wednesday 30th March

Saturday 1st - Sunday 2nd April

Tuesday 4th - Wednesday 5th April

Tuesday 3rd - Wednesday 4th October

Saturday 7th - Sunday 8th October

Tuesday 10th - Wednesday 11th October

Call 07831 334480 to book

Please note: it goes without saying that sheep keepers must retain a vet. It is your vet that should judge the level of training and experience you need to be competent to keep sheep. We will provide you with an introduction to topics relating to sheep health, diet and disease but this is not intended as a substitute for professional advice from your vet.

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